With Kirsty Wirth
Kultured Wellness

Learning about gut health is an ever evolving space and sometimes really tricky to understand. This is why I am SO excited to share and 100% wholeheartedly recommend that you jump onto Kirsty wirth’s Free Online Gut Rebalancing Series. I am in absolute awe of Kirsty’s knowledge base on absolutely everything related to gut health. She has been an incredible friend, mentor, gut guru and health practitioner in my own personal gut healing journey and also why we teamed up and created a gut nourishing recipe book ‘GUTALICIOUS’. This recommendation doesn’t come lightly. In fact I would recommend it to every single human on the planet its that insanely good!

This online series starts on the 15th of May 2018 and it will help to cut through any gut health confusion you may have, improve your understanding on how to rebalance, rebuild and strengthen your own gut health using food as your medicine as well as other techniques and tools. Kirsty will be running the Free Online Gut Rebalancing Series in a 3-Part Series.

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Part 1: Candida, Parasites, Viruses & How They Behave In Your Gut - plus what symptoms you can look for and how they relate to an imbalanced gut
Part 2: Adventures of a Gut Health Rebalancer
Part 3: The Gut Health Pathway