CoCo Green Go-Go Smoothy

We're over in Bali enjoying a well deserved holiday. We've found it really hard to find LOW CARB smoothies here, all of the ones we find are loaded up with every single tropical fruit you can think of, which means that they're loaded with natural sugars. We decided to go buy a blender so we can make our own, turned out to be the best $30 we've spent so far on this trip because I came up with this yummy creation. This smoothy will be going on 'repeat' while we're over here because not only is it tasty, but it's loaded up with greens, fibre, quality fats and it's lower in sugar meaning stable blood sugar levels and energy levels. Win win! 

Coco Green Go-Go-ByJordanPie Nutritionist & Photographer-3.jpg



1. Add all of the ingredients into a quality blender and blitz until smooth, creamy and well combined. 
2. Pour into 2 glasses, sip and enjoy this creamy, green, fresh delight. 

Coco Green Go-Go-ByJordanPie Nutritionist & Photographer-1.jpg