If you’re dealing with digestive issues, headaches or migraines, inflammation, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune disease, weight or even skin issues it can feel downright overwhelming and confusing, and sometimes you need a helping hand sorting things out. I’m here to help. Together, we’ll take an honest and compassionate look at what’s going on in your belly, body and daily life, and then explore sustainable dietary and lifestyle changes and simple self-care tools that you can easily implement to help get you back on the road to health and vitality. No matter where you’re starting from, no matter how many health obstacles you face, you can do this. I treat people on a daily basis who are struggling too. So take charge of your life. Take a step now and choose to move forwards because health is wealth. It feels SO good to feel GOOD and I want everyone single person to experience it too. We are all in this together. If you want to work with me, you can schedule an appointment below. I’d be honoured.


This is what my clients have to say;

Thank you for the huge amount of help you have given me through our consultations. Having suffered from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia for 10 years, I had accepted this to be part of my daily life. But through implementing the changes you recommended to my diet, adding a few natural supplements and especially introducing fermented foods I steadily started to notice great positive changes in my health. I feel overall less fatigue, brain fog, less muscle pain & more energy to take part in life more fully again. I still have more healing to go but I really feel like you have given me the foundation and tools to help my body restore itself to much better health. I have gained invaluable information on what foods can cause inflammation and what foods are anti-inflammatory. I found not only did you give me an abundance of knowledge you always explain it in a really compassionate and gentle way. Really helpful was following a consult you send me detailed notes on what was discussed and added ideas and recipes. I always feel supported too on my health journey because you are so generous in your time and advice in answers to my questions via email. I look forward to keeping in touch and sharing my improvements and fun with all these amazing new food ideas I am learning. I recommend you to anyone I know or meet (who are sincerely interested in helping themselves ) and has a chronic health condition that I know you could help them with - Emma

Jordan, please help me feel better!

I would absolutely love and be honoured to help you feel better! If you’ve never worked with me before you will need to book in for an initial consultation. You can do this by simply clicking the button below. Once you’ve chosen your appointment day and time, you can then fill out the new client questionnaire. All consultations are available via phone or Skype. Unfortunately at this time I cannot offer face to face consultations. After each consult, I will personally email you my notes, recipes, recommendations + everything else we've discussed in our consultation together. 

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