Supporting women reclaim their health + vitality by helping them identify the root cause of their health issues without the confusion or overwhelm around gut health.


You’re here because

  • You’re tired of hearing completely contradictory nutrition information that leaves you feeling lost, overwhelmed, and at a complete standstill with your health

  • You’re tired of not having the energy that you deserve

  • You have a sneaking suspicion something you’re eating is triggering those pesky digestive issues but frustrated because you can’t figure out what it is even after eliminating most of the foods you love 

  • You’re overwhelmed and can’t figure out which diet is best; is it keto, low carb, GAPS, vegan, plant based or paleo?

  • You’re head is spinning from trying to decipher all the nutrition jargon out there ‘natural flavours’, ‘sugar free’, ‘fodmap friendly’, ‘fat free’, ‘ soy free’

  • You’re exhausted from going from one health practitioner to the next

You know you want to feel healthy, balanced, full of energy and excited about food again (and not fearful). And you probably feel as though you’re already eating healthy, drinking loads of water and even exercising! So what GIVES?

I TOTALLY GET IT. The struggle is super real.

Fact is… there are just some things you just can’t do alone and sometimes you need a helping hand to achieve your health goals.

I’m here to offer some relief.


Hi, I’m Jordan Pie

In case we’ve never met before, let me tell you a little bit about me. I am a fully qualified Nutritionist, GAPS practitioner and health expert. I support and empower women just like you on their journey to wellness without the confusion or overwhelm around new-age gut health. And if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired...then you’re in the right place.

It’s Time To FINALLY

  • Get the clarity and understanding of how to fuel your body

  • Get the clarity and understanding of how to nourish and nurture your gut microbiome

  • Learn the language of your body so you can truly thrive and no longer wonder what’s causing what

  • Have nutrition debunked and curated by your own personal nutritionist

If you feel like working with me is your next step, you can schedule a one-on-one consultation to get started.

How It Works

Firstly, you will need to book in for an Initial Consultation. During the consultation I ask a series of questions so I can gain a better understanding and an overall picture of whats happening for you in regards to your health in a holistic way. During our time together we’ll take an honest and compassionate look at what’s going on in your belly, body and daily life. We’ll then focus on implementing nutrient-dense whole foods and take a balanced and sustainable approach towards creating a wellness journey that suits you as an individual, so that you can feel healthy, happy and vibrant again!

Following the consultation, I’ll email my suggestions, recipes and links through to you to follow.

To book a consultation, simply click on the button below. You’ll then be prompted to choose a day and time for your appointment. If you need a time outside of what I currently offer, please contact me so we can arrange an earlier or later time that suits us both.

Some of My Most Inspiring Stories

Thank you for the huge amount of help you have given me through our consultations. Having suffered from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia for 10 years, I had accepted this to be part of my daily life. But through implementing the changes you recommended to my diet, adding a few natural supplements and especially introducing fermented foods I steadily started to notice great positive changes in my health. I feel overall less fatigue, brain fog, less muscle pain & more energy to take part in life more fully again. You have given me the foundation and tools to help my body restore itself too much better health. I found not only did you give me an abundance of knowledge you always explain it in a really compassionate and gentle way. Really helpful was following a consult you send me detailed notes on what was discussed and added ideas and recipes. You make me feel so supported on my health journey because you’re so generous with your time and advice in answering my questions via email. I recommend you to anyone I know or meet (who are sincerely interested in helping themselves ) and because I truly you could help them like you did me.

I would just like to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude for the amazing information you impart, the support you give and the recipes you provide. When we were told that we had to change our eating plan to “gluten free” and “dairy free”, we really didn’t think things would ever be the same again. What we thought was going to be a nightmare actually turned out to be a truly life changing experience for the both of us. The recipes in your cookbook “GUTALICIOUS” are absolutely delicious, easy to follow and so easy to adapt if necessary, and so seriously yummy, Oh yes, and of course completely good for you. So our heartfelt thank you, keep up your amazing work.

I must thank you Jordan because if it wasn’t for people like you, it would be very difficult for me to know what to do to be healthy and stay healthy in a sustainable way. You have helped me to see real food in a brand new light. Thank you again for the guidance and advice you have given me, it’s truly been invaluable for my health.

Together We Can Find a Solution!

I treat people on a daily basis who are struggling with all sorts of health issues. So take charge of your life. Take a step now and choose to move forwards because health is wealth. It feels SO good to feel GOOD and I want everyone single person to experience it too. We are all in this together.

Book your appointment now. You’re only one click away from experiencing better gut health.

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