Strawberry, Lemon & Coconut Yoghurt

As a nutritionist and believer in a real, whole foods diet, I am frequently irked by dairy-free food companies who claim that their products are healthier than dairy foods. Because it’s usually not true. Many dairy-free alternatives are highly processed, contain questionable additives and offer little or no nutritional value. One health food that is doing the rounds lately is coconut yoghurt. I don't recommend store bought coconut yoghurt, they're mostly just trying to mimic the consistency of yogurt with the use of thickeners (guar gum, carrageenan etc) and also contain other dubious ingredients such as stabilisers and titanium dioxide (a white coloring agent also used in paint and sunscreen). Not only does it do little for you nutritionally, but they also lacks the potent probiotics our body require for optimal gut health. 

So what do I recommend instead?

It's simple. Make it yourself! 


  • 2 cups coconut yoghurt
  • 1/2 - 1 cup organic ripe strawberries
  • Juice and zest of 1 lemon
  • 1/2 cup soaked cashews or macadamias (optional add in, but it makes it extra creamy and divine)

Optional Add Ins: vanilla powder, 1x cultured banana, 2-3 Tbsp collagen powder, a touch of pure maple syrup or raw honey to taste if desired, or a few drops of liquid stevia to taste


1. Blend all of your chosen ingredients together until completely smooth. 
2. Taste the mixture and adjust the flavours if needed.
3. Store in a glass jar.
Note: this mix will continue to ferment in the fridge as the beneficial bacteria feeds on the sugar in the strawberries. You will see tiny air pockets forming and it will create a mousse like texture which is beautiful, if you don't like that texture simply re-blend or mix with a spoon. 

Serving Suggestions: serve with homemade muesli, on top of my Gut Lovin Nourishing Coconut Pancakes, add to smoothies, chia puddings or make ice-blocks out of it!