What I Use & recommend

Healing requires an awareness of not only what you eat, but also what products you use on your body, and in your home. This page shares the handful of products that I personally use and recommend because they meet my strict standards of sustainability and natural ingredients. You’ll discover resources that support both your health and our planet below.

Kitchen essentials

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I buy most of my kitchen staples from my local health food stores. However I am partial to an online order from iHerb every now and then because it has such an incredible and versatile range of products that are often sold at reduced prices



Another frequently asked question I often get asked is, ‘What ice block moulds do you use?’. These are the brand and style I use. They’re stainless steel, so completely free of any toxins or chemicals that can be found in the typical plastic ice block moulds. Although they are more expensive, it has 150% been well worth the extra investment as they constantly get used in my house.

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Coconut Yoghurt & Kefir Cultures

You can buy coconut yoghurt and kefir at any health food store these days. However, they can be pricey and some brands also include sugar, fillers and other dubious ingredients that are not health promoting. In our guts, there are over 100 trillion bacteria. Their job is to look after you and your job is to look after them.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get asked is ‘What probiotics do you recommend?’. I recommend getting your probiotics (and prebiotics) through your food. I personally ONLY use and recommend these probiotic cultures as I know they’re 100% pure, organic and contain only beneficial bacterial strains which are so important for nurturing and nourishing our gut bugs. These cultures are suitable for anyone, from vegan, ketogenic, GAPS, FODMAP. paleo and whole30 diets, to those who are suffering from SIBO, ADHD, autoimmune conditions, histamine intolerance, food sensitivities and so much more. If you’ve been following me and my cooking adventures for a while you’ll know that I use these cultures to make anything from Cultured Cashew Cheese to Probiotic Cheesecakes to Cultured Juices & Veggies to Ice Blocks and they’re also heavily used throughout our gut nourishing recipe book ‘GUTALICIOUS’.