Gut Friendly Sushi Doughnuts


Whipping up these nori doughnuts or rolls and packing them for lunch will bring you grounding and nourishment when you're on the go, or busy flitting from task to task. Conventional sushi that's made on sweet white rice can cause blood sugar chaos for many people. So my version of sushi favours upgraded cooked and cooled rice (which is great for your gut health), combined with fermented soy in the form of tamari, some Tangy Daikon Quick Pickle and cultured veggies to add a punch of flavour and the avocado provides healthy fats. 

Cooked & Cooled Rice Method

Did you know that you can create gut friendly sushi by upgrading your rice? Simply follow this cooking method below. 

Choose an organic long grain white rice (I used Basmati) and cook It in filtered water using the absorption method. add 1 Tbsp of coconut oil while it’s cooking. Then when’s it ready, allow it to cool in the fridge for 12-24 hours.

Why Should I Use Cooked & Cooled Rice? 

Cooking the rice in this way reduces its calories by up to 60%. It also creates resistant starch which is incredibly beneficial as it provides food for our good gut bacteria. Resistant starch doesn’t go through complete digestion in our GI tracts as other foods do, it actually has no impact on blood sugar levels and even improves insulin sensitivity. It also improves digestion and gut health, enhances sleep quality, mental clarity, energy levels and can help promote weight loss. And yes you can reheat the rice after the cooking/ cooling process. You can read more about the health benefits here


(the amounts will vary depending on how much you want to make)

  • 3 cups cooked and cooled rice 
  • 2 Nori sheets 
  • Toppings of your choice - I used; avocado, Tangy Daikon Quick Pickle, black sesame seeds, finely sliced ginger, GF tamari, thinly sliced cucumber, cultured veggies
  • Optional; smoked salmon or smoked mackerel 


1. Add the rice to a small saucepan and re-heat on low until it's only just warm. I find the rice is easier to work with when it's slightly warm rather than cold and straight from the fridge. 
2. Meanwhile, slice the Nori sheets into 4 squares. Then fold each square into 4 again and using scissors carefully cut out the very inside of the point to create a small circle once the nori square has opened up. Continue this process for the remaining nori squares. 
3. Now add each square into your doughnut tray so the hole in the nori square lines up with the hole in each doughnut mould. 
4. Add the slightly warmed rice on top of each pre-cut nori sheet evenly. Use your hands to press the rice down to ensure the rice grains stick together tightly. You can oil up your hands with a bit of coconut oil to ensure the rice doesn't stick to your hands. 
5. When the doughnut tray is filled with rice, place it in the fridge while you prepare your fillings. 
6. Begin to slice the avocado, place some cultured veggies into a small bowl and drain away the excess liquid, slice up some fresh ginger finely, place the daikon quick pickle into a small bowl and any other toppings of your choice. 
7. Get ready for serving. Begin to garnish each sushi doughnut with you preferred toppings. 
8. Serve and enjoy with some gluten free tamari. 

Please note; if you don't have a doughnut tray, just roll the rice and filling ingredients as you normally would to make a sushi roll instead.