Phil & Robbie

I would just like to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude for the amazing information you impart, the support you give and the recipes you provide. When we were told that we had to change our eating plan to “gluten free” and “dairy free”, we really didn’t think things would ever be the same again. What we thought was going to be a nightmare actually turned out to be a truly life changing experience for the both of us. The recipes in your cookbook “Gutalicious” are absolutely delicious, easy to follow and so easy to adapt if necessary, and so seriously yummy, Oh yes, and of course completely good for you. So our heartfelt thank you, keep up your amazing work.


Thank you for the huge amount of help you have given me through our consultations. Having suffered from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia for 10 years, I had accepted this to be part of my daily life. But through implementing the changes you recommended to my diet, adding a few natural supplements and especially introducing fermented foods I steadily started to notice great positive changes in my health. I feel overall less fatigue, brain fog, less muscle pain & more energy to take part in life more fully again. I still have more healing to go but I really feel like you have given me the foundation and tools to help my body restore itself to much better health. I have gained invaluable information on what foods can cause inflammation and what foods are anti-inflammatory. I found not only did you give me an abundance of knowledge you always explain it in a really compassionate and gentle way. Really helpful was following a consult you send me detailed notes on what was discussed and added ideas and recipes. I always feel supported too on my health journey because you are so generous in your time and advice in answers to my questions via email. I look forward to keeping in touch and sharing my improvements and fun with all these amazing new food ideas I am learning. I recommend you to anyone I know or meet (who are sincerely interested in helping themselves ) and has a chronic health condition that I know you could help them with.


I must thank you Jordan because if it wasn’t for people like you, it will be very difficult for me to know what to do to be healthy and stay healthy in a sustainable way. Thank you again for all the support and advice you have given me. It’s truly been invaluable.


Gluten has been completely eliminated from my diet for a year now. I have my antibody levels down from 175 to 34. You’ve helped make the transition feel effortless. I took your advice and now I always have healthy, delicious snacks prepared to grab whenever I’m in a rush. Winter is great as soups are so easy. I also love your zucchini slice and veggie fritters and so many of the recipes from your GUTALICIOUS cookbook are incredible too. Thanks again Jordan, you were so helpful and I am so grateful for my health!!!


With your guidance, being on a gluten free diet/ lifestyle is so much easier now and i’m not constantly hungry anymore! I’m feeling really well and haven’t had any migraines since making the switch and improving my diet. I love your cookbook GUTALICIOUS so much it even comes on holiday with me. So far everything I’ve made out of it has been a thumbs up with the whole family! You are very talented you know?!! I really appreciate all of your support and guidance. I’ve even sent a couple of friends your way and many many recommendations. 


I don’t often do this, but I wanted you to know how much i’ve come to appreciate having you in my life (even though we’ve only met virtually). You have quite literally changed my life and I am so incredibly grateful for that. Please keep going what you do because it’s completely captivating.


You are such a special spark and have such a beautiful gift to give to the world. I often think how wonderful you’ve been for our family and I always look forward to our consultations together because I ALWAYS leave with such valuable information, health tips and delicious easy recipes from you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I’ve only had a few consultations with you, but what I have gathered from those interactions is that you’re a strong, passionate, fearless yet reserved young woman. The energy you have for healthy food and peoples wellness is absolutely beautiful. You’re so humble and I love how you speak from the heart. I think you’re the bee’s knees and you’re such an inspiration to not only myself, but to so many others out there.


I just wanted to thank you for all the incredible recipes and content you share and create. Your Instagram account and website are my all time favourites to get lost in. They’re the perfect balance of amazing food, nutritional coaching, science and myth busting. I also received your GUTALICIOUS cookbook for Christmas and aim to cook my way through it in 2019. It will make nourishing my body with beautiful, delicious, gut friendly food so enjoyable and easy.

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