Unicorn Vanilla Cheesecake


Do you ever just have those recipes where you add-lib ingredients and a little while later end up creating something incredible? I have, this recipe is it. I must admit, the recipe below is my second attempt at re-creating the Unicorn Vanilla Cheesecake, for some reason it always tastes better the first time. But hey, the recipe below is still pretty darn incredible so I'm sharing it with you so you can get in on this delicious, gut loving, pastel colour cheesecake action too. 

I have used stevia as my sweetener, however, if that's not your thing, then I would recommend raw honey as it has the palest colour. If you use something like coconut sugar or syrup the darkness of it will impact the pastel colours of the filling and may leave it looking 'dirty'. I have used 3 powders from Zandi Organics in this cheesecake to create the pastel yellow, pink and green colours, but you could also use turmeric, beetroot powder and matcha powder to achieve those colours too. 

Base Ingredients

Main Filling Ingredients

Green Layer Ingredients

Yellow Layer Ingredients

Pink Layer Ingredients


1. Get 3 small glass jars + 1 large glass jar. 
2. Add the yellow, pink and green layer ingredients into each small glass jar and stir to combine. Place the cashews into the large glass jar and cover them with just enough coconut yoghurt. Place the lids on and allow them to ferment for a few hours or overnight. 
3. When they're ready, begin to create the base. Add the sunflower seeds, coconut, cacao powder, lakanto, salt (and adaptogenic herbs if adding them in) to a food processor or thermomix and blend into a flour/ meal. Now add the coconut oil and vanilla and re-blend to combine. The mixture should come together nicely. If not, add 1/2 - 1 Tbsp of water and re-blend to combine. 
4. Now press the base evenly into a lined spring-form cake tin. Place it in the freezer to set. 
5. Now to create the 'Main Filling'. Strain the cashews, but save the fermented liquid as you need this. Add the cashews, vanilla, lemon juice, coconut oil, sweetener to taste, gut restore liquid if adding it in and 3/4 cup of the fermented liquid. Blend this mixture until it's completely smoothy and creamy. 
6. Scrape down the sides, taste the mix and adjust the vanilla, lemon or sweetness if needed and re-blend. 
7. Now mix the 3 tsp gelatin + the 1 Tbsp water in a bowl. Set this aside to bloom and thicken. 
8. When it's ready, add the 1/2 cup boiling water to the gelatin mix and stir it until it has completely dissolved. 
9. Add the dissolved gelatin to the filling mix and re-blend for 1 minute. It's important to aerate this mix as it ends up creating a light, creamy yet fluff texture when it sets. 
10. Now separate this 'Main Filling'. Put 1 cup each of the filling into 2 bowls. 
11. With the remaining filling in the current food processor of thermomix bowl, add the green layer ingredients into it and blend until completely combined. 
12. Pour 3/4 of the green layer mixture on top of the base and spread it out evenly. Place this in the freezer to set. 
13. Scoop the remaining green mixture out of the bowl and place it into another bowl. Put this in the fridge for later - you will pipe it onto the top once all the layers have set. 
14. Now add one of the bowls fillings (ie; 1 cup of the main filling) into the food processor or thermomix and add the yellow layer filling ingredients and blend to combine for 1 minute. 
15. Now carefully pour this on top of the green layer and place it back in the freezer to set while you create the last layer. 
16. Add the last bowls fillings (ie; 1 cup of the main filling) into the food processor or thermomix and add the pink layer filling ingredients and blend to combine for 1 minute. 
17. Carefully pour this on top of the yellow layer and place it back in the fridge to set. It should take roughly 4 hours to set. 
18. Now scoop the leftover green filling into a small ziplock bag and seal it up tightly. 
19. When the cheesecake is ready, slice it into squares or rectangles and then onto a larger plate. 
20. Cut a small corner off of the ziplock bag and begin to pipe the filling on top of the pink layers of the cheesecake creating a nice pattern. 
21. When you're done garnish with whatever you desire. I have used a sprinkle of beetroot powder and lemon rind. You could also sprinkle with finely chopped chocolate, lemon, lime or orange zest, shredded coconut, matcha powder, turmeric powder and/ or rose petals. 
22. Store in the fridge. 

Best eaten within 2 days as it will keep on slowly fermenting in the fridge. After 3 days it can get very probiotic rich and quite tangy.