Probiotic Mango Sorbet

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I've created the most delicious and mouth watering, gut-friendly SUGAR-FREE sorbet using only 2 ingredients. 

How? Well when you ferment mango with a starter culture like coconut water kefir, the beneficial bacteria in the kefir eats away all the sugar in it, this makes it incredibly easy on the digestive system. As an extra bonus, the fermentation process further fuels the health of the gut, fights chronic inflammation, boosts the immune system, helps to control bad bacteria in the body and makes the nutrients more bio-available to your body. It’s winning all round! If you want to learn more about fermenting fruits and vegetables read my blog 'Why I Consume Coconut Kefir Daily' and 'Improve Your Gut Health Through Fermented Food // Plus 4 Easy Recipes to Get You Started'

If you've experimented with cultured/ fermented fruit you'll know that it just isn't quite the same....BUT i must admit I do LOVE fermented mango. It's tangy, fizzy on the tongue, plus it smells incredible, and when it's frozen into these ice-blocks it's oh so creamy and divine! I think the secret to achieving the sorbet texture is with the addition of this Restore for Gut Health Mineral Supplement. I came across it on iHerb and read that it's fantastic for; balancing gut health as it aids the beneficial gut bacteria to grow and helps to heal leaky gut, it also boosts the immune system, enhances mental clarity and combats environmental exposures. Sounds incredible, so I thought I would buy some and trial it. That's when I came up with the recipe below. 

Probiotic Mango Sorbet

Serves 4



1. Add the mango and the coconut water kefir to a clean glass jar. Close the lid and place it onto a shelf in your pantry. Allow this to ferment/ culture for 24-36 hours. 
2. When the mango has cultured and is ready, add the cultured mango and it's liquid + optional add ins + your sweetener to taste to a blender and blitz for 30 seconds, or until combined. 
3. Pour the mixture into a lined container or square baking tray and place it into the freezer until completely frozen. 
4. When it's ready, slice the frozen mango slab into rough squares and place them into a food processor or quality blender and blitz until combined and it resembles a sorbet. 
5. Scoop into bowls and enjoy and savour every mouthful of this delicious, tangy, probiotic packed sorbet!  

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