Banana & Coconut Blue Smoothy Bowl


If the captivating blue colour doesn't convince you to give this vibrant smoothie bowl a try, the combination of flavours most certainly will. I recently came across blue spirulina powder and couldn't wait to get into the kitchen to create something pretty with it. Blue Spirulina is a blue pigment derived from blue-green algae. It's rich in vitamins, minerals, carotenoids and antioxidants that can help protect cells from damage. It also boosts the immune system, increases energy and metabolism, and improves digestion! Who knew algae could be so wonderful? You can add it to smoothies, bliss balls, ice-cream and smoothy bowls like I have done. Keep scrolling for this recipe. 



1. Allow the cultured bananas to thaw for 5 minutes. Then add all the ingredients to a high quality, high powered food processor, thermomix or blender and blitz until it starts to break down. 
2. Scrape down the sides and blend again until it's combined. 
3. Taste and adjust any of the flavours/ sweetness if needed. 
5. Now scoop it into 2 bowls (or 1 big one if you don't want to share) so you can garnish it. I created a swirl using a spoon and topped it with the muesli. Serve and enjoy straight away. 

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