Cultured Bananas


If you're on a low carb, Ketogenic or sugar free diet and you find yourself missing different types of yummy fruits (but you don't miss the sugar), then I've got the best solution for you!!! Just ferment them! I've been fermenting my fruits for years now as adding beneficial bacteria to them in the way of coconut yoghurt or coconut kefir removes all the sugar in the fruit. How you ask? The good bacteria in the cultures feeds on all the sugars and removes them, leaving a sugar-free version of the fruit + it'll be enhanced because it's now rich in probiotics, enzymes, bio-available nutrients and minerals + so it's much gentler on your gut. You can read more about fermentation in my blog here.

Once you've made your cultured nanas you can freeze them like I do and use them in smoothies, smoothy bowls and ice-cream as a yummy thickener, blend or mix them into coconut yoghurt, or you can make my Keto Banana Pancakes in our cookbook GUTALICIOUS and use them as either a savour wrap/ pancake or a sweet one. 



1. Chop the bananas and add them to a clean 2L glass jar. 
2. Pour just enough coconut water kefir over the top of the bananas so they're covered. 
3. Close the lid and place them onto a shelf in your pantry, or in your kitchen somewhere. Allow the bananas to ferment for 24-36 hours. Please note in winter they may need slightly longer and in Summer they may ferment quicker, so always taste along the way so you know when they are ready. 
4. Store them in the fridge. You can drink the banana kefir as is and use the cultured, sugar-free bananas in different recipes.